Mrs. John Marsh : The World Knew Her As Margaret Mitchell

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RECOMMENDED PLAY: Mrs. John Marsh: The World Knew her as Margaret Mitchell ====================
From Margot Ashley, Lilburn

Kandace Christian portrays Margaret (Peggy) Mitchell from post-college to the night of her death, capturing Mitchell’s character and personal history. The play, written by Melita Easters of Atlanta, is based on the letters and interviews of Margaret Mitchell, weaving in details of her life that reveal what a delightful person she was. Punctuated with photos and newsreels accompanied by music of the era, each scene describes the life of the Old South through Peggy Mitchell’s eyes. It is evident from her conversation that she was not afraid of taking on anyone or anything: hanging from the side of a building in the mechanism used to carve Stone Mountain, entertaining five beaux simultaneously from her hospital bed, standing up to giants of the publishing and newspaper business, fighting for the rights of many different groups around the Atlanta area. With only a week left in this run of the one-woman show, the house should be filled for every performance! This is a one-woman show based on the author’s letters and interviews at the Ansley Park Playhouse, through June 19.

Front page of Living Section, Monday, 13 June (emphasis added)

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