Mrs. John Marsh : The World Knew Her As Margaret Mitchell

First of Three: Christian Sings At La Pietra Cucina

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Kandace Christian and Alexander Reddick

Kandace Christian and Alexander Reddick at La Pietra Cucina Steinway, Saturday June 4, 2011

After an evening of portraying Peggy Mitchell on stage during Mrs. John Marsh – The World Knew Her as Margaret Mitchell, an actress has to let her hair down and sing a little.

At least that’s the attitude of Kandace Christian, who portrays the famed author in the Ansley Park Playhouse production which has two weekends remaining in its run. Last Saturday, after unpinning her long auburn locks, the actress/musician strolled across the marble lobby of the Peachtree Pointe building and joined pianist Alexander Reddick for a few torch songs during his weekly performance at the La Pietra Cucina Steinway.

A former Miss Mississippi who continues to be involved with the pageant as producer of televised vocal performances, Christian sees these Saturday night sing alongs as perfect practice for the upcoming pageant week in Vicksburg. She plans to be beside Reddick’s piano Saturday June 11 and June 18 following her play performances. Check back for the song set list!

Reddick, a life-long Gone With the Wind fan, watched her performance during Sunday afternoon’s matinee and was “moved to tears at the end.”

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