Mrs. John Marsh : The World Knew Her As Margaret Mitchell

Rotary Exchange Student Enjoys MJM In Atlanta

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Kinga Gruszecka

Kinga Gruszecka (R) of Poland is pictured with Melita’s “Scarlett” jacket and Mandi Lee (L)

Gone With The Wind was a global hit and popular in post-WWII Europe as a symbol of survival. Kinga Gruszecka enjoyed an Atlanta performance of Mrs. John Marsh – The World Knew Her as Margaret Mitchell. Kinga read GWTW in high school and has seen the movie. She is in Georgia as a Georgia Rotary GRSP student, spending a year at Southern Polytechnical University hosted by the Rotary clubs of Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Windward. She especially enjoyed the portion of the play which mentioned the care packages Margaret Mitchell sent to fans in countries like Poland during WW II.


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