Mrs. John Marsh : The World Knew Her As Margaret Mitchell

Prior talent : Mandi Lee

Georgia actress Mandi Lee assumed the role of Mrs. John Marsh in July 2011. “I don’t remember a time when I was growing up when we didn’t watch Gone With the Wind at least once a year.”

Four Gone with the Wind dolls she received on her first birthday stand as silent sentinels while Duluth’s Mandi Lee prepares to portray the author who created those memorable characters. An aunt gave Mandi the Madame Alexander Scarlett, Rhett, Mammy and Bonnie Blue Butler dolls for her first birthday; the dolls are still on display in her family home in Duluth.

At age seven, on Halloween the actress transformed herself into Scarlett while her younger sister dressed as Scarlett’s daughter, Bonnie Butler. Mandi said that she first attempted to read the 1,037 page novel while still in elementary school but set it aside for completion in her middle school years.

Mandi made her stage debut at age six in a production of Cinderella at The Talent Factory, a children’s theatre company in Duluth (now shuttered) where she performed until the age of 14, when she switched to productions at Lilburn’s Providence Christian Academy.

She is a graduate of the Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts in Saint Louis, where she had the lead role in several productions. She has also appeared in three independent films.


Mandi Halloween

Mandi Lee As Scarlett, Halloween, Age 7

Mandi Lee and GWTW Dolls

Mandi Lee With GWTW Dolls, Age 1